Of Her

Dreams of you
Next to you
Close to you
Part of you


Take me for a ride
Youthful track
Can't be with you
Can't be near you

Why though
When it's so right
Know all about you
Feel all about me

Blue sparkled eyes
Teeth gleam expectation
Felt something
Knew something

Too young 
Too old
Friend of the family
Out in the cold

Father in charge
Of nothing, but the large
Don't care about all of this
Think it could work

But would it be wrong
Wrong to want
Wrong to feel
Wrong to crush

So short lived
A flash
A look
A whisper

Can I make it into something
Can I give it all up
Throw it all away
Burn all that was 

Just for a moment

A twinkle
A smile
A touch
A kiss

I could
But would I 
I should
Will I

I must if it is to be right
But is it wrong
The thoughts in my head
Of you and what could be

Less of a man than you might want
But more of what you need
Though you might not
Yet feel you would

Would you be looking for more
Could you love me
Would you hurt me if you did
Is it a chance worth taking

Maybe a step
See what happens
Is it weird
Just to be friends 
Would that be enough
See you more and just pretend

I'll miss you as the days go by
Always looked forward to seeing you
But now nothing
Maybe here or there
But maybe it's not the right time
Time to forget me

Maybe down the line
You are so sweet
Troubled a little
Lost a little

But you're having fun 
And I'll be glad to know it
But if I could just see you
Do you think of me too

I could be around you all the time
To be near is to be in love
Close to your near scarlet hair
Try to keep it under control

But at what cost is a fantasy
What is at stake when a life is tossed aside
A child demolished
A love proved false
Life scorched with pain
Guilt in the balance

Could I turn away from this life
This commitment 
Everything that got me here
The road I took 
It meant so much
But did it

And will it be the same down the line
Hidden faults
Could I be happy
Could you
Will karma crush me through your acts
What could I do to keep you

After I leave myself with nothing
A family scorned because of a lust for love
It is love
Blinding me
Ruining my judgement
Making life worth living
Giving me that taste of how it could be
Give me meaning

To breathe your air
To help you
To hold you
To be that for you which I couldn't be for her

She was met as a girl
But turned into my mother
It isn't my fault
She just isn't what she was
Things have changed 
I need something else

But are you just a dream
Real but imagined
There but never there
Life without care

I love you
Not just an idea
Not just a dream
I live you

We spoke
We joke
We could
We should

Maybe we can't 
Too hard to do
But I would
I would if I knew


You do

Love me


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