Heart of Men

We fall in love so easily
Us men
A look of sensuality
A smile
A laugh
A taste

Love takes so effortlessly
Your form so cloaked in sexuality
Is it love
Or just insanity

Instinct prays on the hearts of men
The heart of man a weakness
Selling with anxiety
Think I do think I won't 
This germ breeds loss of humility

Always wanting more
Milk from mother's teet
When drops have dried 
We find somewhere else to eat

What's wrong is right
What's right is forgotten
The warmth of a young girl's smile
Her laugh an opiate in our blood

Upright walking
Fire making 
Society building
All to crumble at any moment

Soft skin
The warmth of the forbidden
Fruits to behold
If only truth be hold

Foretold explorations
The abyss of tranquility
If I meet you now 
I leave you then

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