I’m on your corner
In a strange land

Turn left
Drop off
You see me
Lookout at the stop sign

Wood creak
Spring back

Fingers out the mail slot
Either let me get one
Or three for twenty five

Even gave blunts with it
Like a real store and shit
Can you believe it
Prohibition supposed to be for history books
We live it
A laugh in the future

Yet these are criminals
For what they do
Because the environment makes it so

If it can’t be legit
Squeezed by the overseers
They turn it animalistic
Fight the proper culture

But they brought crack in 84
You know what I mean
Contras weren’t clean
Just an end from the means

Degradation of a people
A people
Not numbers
Your responsibility

But that’s okay
Wars are fought
People die
The leaders don’t bat an eye
Money can’t lie

Until the people
Show you why
Show you how




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