[quick STREAM]

Master full of secrets
However do you dwell
So carefully I see you and think about all that’s hell
Disaster lies at every turn and I see the chamber falling
Describe to me a fairy girl and I’ll give you a dog instead

Bled from the eyes and shit from my ears
I observe old men running like their legs were full of gears

Disparity oh clarity oh ships sail significantly swell
I consider myself a thinker but I can’t reveal my shell
Oh thank you thank you thank you commas are no need in here
I’m here alone with bright red tone and a canister full of beer

Despite my packing hacking lacing I love to swim by the shore
And if you think my package lackage then I will cast you off you whore
Dipsy do, dee dee, i come from this place you see
And if you don’t you’re blind, hee hee… oh commas, where did you be?

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