tempting spoon fed knowledge drain glazed over mind split controlled sheepism clash hate desire love find the mire from disasters foretold in board room game houses of money print devil’s child rock n’ roll death blow ritual architects built underground force genocide police states television brainwash airplanes smoke filled building stash implosion demolition perfection grand scale mirrors brought patriotic flag day oil fields car wash dust bowl masonry faction priest touch royalty haste intelligence circle of sexual death abuse innocence murdered in back room fungus field acid rockets moon sockets Mars attacks Venus philanthropists boondoggle doppelgänger hodgepodge laurel canyon porn stabbing grenade suck explosion throbbing hippie child masked girls lollipop wigs black capes satin navels dixie cup Disney touch 33 so much more to see keep me blind and I will be your serpent servant of red white and blue


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