oOh Gee-zus

Finga fuck
Stain dribble
Dastardly bunch of alley dwellers
Rat fink contendaz
Spellbinding textbook sendaz
Salsa, Salsa… pass the salsa, who want’s salsa

Man, condiment man permanent pen
Nothing in this world like perpetual motion
But iz perpet in the unviversal sect
Your motion dies
But ye eva expands

Diggle me this
Sandy eyed virgin snake
Cameron he on the verge of wake
Rem come to Dim Sum
Chinese Buffet
Dinner for chicken wings
Open thighs with Ginsu knives
Dark meat kiss cheaks
Brown center
Chocolate leaks
Jelly or Syrup
I prefer vagina

That means I’m lie’ya
Az I wants that behinda
Makes me blinda
Uhhh.. can’t I stop that

Stairs to climb
No time, no time
Left for ooze
Slime came green in the He-Man container
Sticky between the fingerz
Hardened your rotator


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