painted SOuls

Starry Night for Van Gough piggy face
Speckled Monet distraction imp repressions
Abstract cataract Pablo Escobar Cocaine Picasso
Allusions deluded in water based finger stains
Kindergartner Da Vinci smarter than Yogi
Average bear with picnic basket stare
Jellystone for peanut butter
Hanna looks hot
Wants to impregnate your Barbera
Disney faded thirty-three degree mind control ass fuck
Disgusted why don’t you open you eyes
Question marks for questioned hearts
I do not dare ask Benny F. to throw darts
Busy tying keys to kites
Wearing tights with French stench fancy
Revolution delusion 
Think a bunch of scabbed flunkies defeated red coat monkeys
Wizard of Oz hid from the witch 
Behind his yellow brick curtain
Poor boy rope swing
Just wanted to be in the moving pictures
Fly a kite next to my hot air balloon
I’ll show you a silver bellied buffoon


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