tell ME (us)

Oh why can you do these things
How does that work in your brain to be
Collective destruction
Earth only so
You kill her with every breath
Most of the children eating dirt
Less than lowest
You all
All so high
Olympus even less than
Oh how you’ve come so far
Murder murder murder
So easy
Isn’t it so
Power power power
Cups over floweth at the table of Gods
Spit on you if I could
Kill you I would
But that would be
So wrong to do
Take our children
Beat them Rape them Kill them Eat them
It might sound too
But we know it is true
Robes and hats and altars and knowing
Halos above you in the mirror ever glowing
Someday it’ll be
When we need none of thee
None of your
To strengthen our uprising
None of your
To hasten our mob
It’ll happen you see
In your mansions and castles and jet aeroplanes
You gold and diamonds and worthless materials
If you could live forever
If you can
I pray to that which you have disgraced
Forever it be
You see
Do you
See me
I’ll be your end
Our beginning
New age among us

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