Windshield glisten
Knuckles bloody
Radio listen
Terror streak
AM dial
Carry newspeak
Glass pyramid
Careful with that Big Stick
Big Brother
We’re well past

Internet for intelligence
Community at large
Infiltrate psyches dominant
Gross expunge of power

Slid through cracks
Labor backs
Calm us through the water tap
Sink fit

Contra spread crack to underprivileged
Spread fear to pale face serfs
Jackboots with badges
Round up the infadels

Mussolini nothing on this
Art of War fight without fighting
Victory over those your own
Falsehood never rang so true

America, America
God shed his grace
Naked now for all to see
How could you let this be
But ahh, we are so ignorant
You not what ye seemed
Made in your image but yours not this
It is our world for the moment
Gather up your fists
Grit your teeth
Beaches full of mortar and bullets
I puke in my fatigues
This weapon of iron and wood

America, America
I storm your Normandy
From within


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