[hauauh, hoouahhaaa, hau, ha……]

Distributed homogenization to open mouth bottom feeders
Desperation of the ilk
Characterized tragedy
Holla-Holla confounded repertoire disfunction toolbox
Click mouse rat turd red eye pinkies
Twitter-phile Pedo-gram con(IN)STAnt nipple tuck dynamix
Spaztastic frantic I can’t hold this static
Feel my pragmatic bulbous tubulous mantastic BOOMBATA
Freax of speech can’t lick this city widehole watcher
Follow her you big dummy
Eyes on Saturn like they’re your mother
Mother’s cunt never felt so good
Bwa-HAHA… you like that
Yeah, me too

Oh sounds of sinister deception silent to the touch
Best keep like the words of Jesus
Never really there
Oh despite this this
I would could not tell the truth
Smite this rocket ship science shack deliverance
I’ll banjo your cavity like I was a dental hygienist
Third power you
Five percenter distribution
See you after the cold fusion
My soul will fuck you up
Cluster baby bib sack
Wrap my hand in your placenta before I dig up your grand dad
Place him on your porch
Smiling the way Skeletons do

“Thank you, thank you very much”


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