can you fin this something the the there where it was

Not sure how it happened but it did then again what if not I tell you

Cancer berry whip lash mustache rides ten cents carry me to heaven but I wish it were hell

Stopped by labiaplasty sunshine superdog carrot top plastic face steroid Vegas skin

Space cloud
Too much to eat fell flat on flatness left round by over zealous obesity felt by purple mountains majestic over princess Diana’s corpse felt her lips on my dumbell look out

Breach the circuits find the power source there it is for us and all to see that it is all not what it isn’t and shall be all under this Jesus freak under Mormon control with red horns and black hooves i thought I saw it in the jungle but there it was on the prairie that meerkat wild man desperate for a drop of urine in his cup and all i had was this milky way bar squeezed into a jelly that I canned and sold to the nearest martian yeah that’s what I did and here you are reading this as time goes by and children die and all we want is better reception and Higher speed and bigger dicks and tighter asses on younger girls and HD video for Our microscopic retina vision so we can sell it faster and better on the streets of Banglasdesh yes the streets of Tokyo oh my God Moscow never had it so good when the comet came racing and our hearts skipped and we all that here it was but oh my God I wish it did but it didn’t and we’re still here hating and fucking and yelling and fight and all for what



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