Like heart of the Lord
Red Crown
Pedals suckled with condensation
Face the Sun
Pistil Stamen
Sex Laws in hidden stones
Down from the Mount
Careful what you wish for
Shed Earthen chains
Relieve your brain
Train the spirit
Control the motor
See it from outside
Good turns bad
All one
Fits to be human
Space child of Star Born likeness
Wish you dearly your highness
Kings and Queens walk the Earth
In disguise


2 thoughts on “FLOWer

  1. nofrillswrapping

    This one made me think of nuns when they still wore the long black dresses\robes with a rosary hanging down and the crucifix swaying like a pendulum when they walked. The nuns in the tropics wore white which made me think of a chess set of nuns and then you ended it with Kings and Queens. And now I’m thinking of the scene from Harry Potter where they play on a life-sized chess board. Talk about random thoughts being brought to the fore by words read!

    1. n8lewinski Post author

      Interesting… a writer’s intent should be to take minds places, whether planned or not. I was reading about the significance of a red crown that day… Something Papal I believe, along with our human connection to the stars/cosmos


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