Category deception
respective Deflection
Mirror sees another
Twice as much
sheep begs acceptance
Shepherd marches the mass
Drum beat distinction
Music tunes method
Madness triggered
Design precision
Side effects
Luciferian decisions
Ritual prescription
Infants not safe
Huddle into daycare
Weary field trip
Bullets spark linoleum
Terror shrieks
Victims planted
Follow fake tears
Cable news death-works
Find the Candidate
Manchurian financial
Carry Sinatra’s baby
Woody’s arms
LeVay holds hands
Ceremony confusion
Polanski in Manson’s living room
Family dance extraction
Shannon felt it in her belly
Chosen for sacrifice
Intelligence wears horns
Symbolic delusion
Find ignorance in the mountains
Beware of the canyon
Grows larger with every….


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