REflx-shun MANhattun

Glass knuckle
Broken glass
Gap smile
Find me in the alley
Pissing on a Banksy

Got sandpaper belly
Tattoo of a knife in my back
Scissor cut
Razor fade
Jackboot stomp
See me on the surveillance
Bomb in my hand

See you at the clocktower Doc
Einstein eat your food
Ripped jeans smell two weeks fresh
Oil under my fingernails
Might as well start smoking

Bacon letters and turpentine
Smell wine on your breath
Scumbag but you fuck me anyway
Short but no one’s better
Five-six in this island of six-fives
Walk a runway and suck my dick Zoolander

Crush your face when I wrestle you to the ground
Better kill me
Tyson your ear
Fuck your ass

All in a day’s work
Perhaps I’ll let you
Let me
Have cake
Royal fuck-face


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