Tongue flick teeth talk
Strip down my ceramic heart
Crawl baby don’t be afraid
Jump from your crib
Destroy your world
Kill something

All sex
Death sells
Can’t stop my finger cuts razor sharp distant horizon in the full moon sun bake why oh why can this be so hard to show you how it is I see to look into myself tonight with lipstick on the pillow tight on my face my face for you you walk past me don’t say a word a fool who stares at fallen turds like words left here to buzz your eyes blind at sixty deaf at fifty but all the while you never could see or hear or feel just a plain piece of carbon fiber lactate why does heaven fill my soul with hellish desires of things unspoken but that is not what I can control I control nothing not this not that not your candy filled bagel roll on wheel in Union Square for seventy five cents when I was there bet a dollar now or two or three money is irrelavent how much for that young lady in the window the one with waggily tail there’s red light on and a red line on that word spelled wrong who cares I’m here you’re there I’m lonely so call me or text me or look at me say hello god DAMMIT WILL JUST SAY HELLO IM HERE IM HERE… PLEASE GOD DON’T YOU SEE ME HERE

thank you
Excuse me


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