smile ME CON-tension

Duplicate surely done before
Dried leaves footstep tap
Trail leaves one wanting a map
But my sign draws heavy
Balance of stars as blue sun turns red
Night blankets warmth of ignorance
Stare into green eyes
Wish to run
Through the trees where we shouldn’t go
Leather boots
Knife in my belt
Kill for you
Ageless tingle beauty
Image creates love
Smell memory
Feel pain
Listen to the confusion
Particles rise from nothing
All the same
We here on the plane
Warm snowfall
Naked in the darkness
See all through
One touch
Start this
Lust affair
So lovely
Kiss lips eternal
Immortal pleasure
Frames of linen
Summer nights erupt
Ocean smell
Footprints of happiness
Sand reveals life
Let the Sun release
Eight seconds left
Take us
Take us all away
To the light
My love
My purest God of sensual truth in images of beauty please just let this all end now
So we can have this touch

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