sideWALK kitty

Shoe design status climb
Torn hosiery
Day short on hour thirty-six
Dress rides
Too alive to pull it back down
Trail of lipstick butts in my wake

Only a few blocks now
Taxi would have made it faster
Wouldn’t see the city come alive
Just an hour ago could trace the middle of Prince
Side streets reveal brick
If the gangs could see it now

Cosmetics accessory not necessity
Fox collared yentas eat babies for this skin
Wouldn’t need a man if that’s all there was on Earth
Stars don’t fall to the ground
Devour anything in their way
Create new universe before you flip the page

Sleep by noon
One more night on the apple
Flight to Paris next morning
Dance from club to gate thirteen
Boarding pass in my stamped hand
Wide first class seats for best class skinny

Another country on return
Another runway none to learn
More lovers more dance
Can’t believe I’m in her pants
Wake naked with flashbulb headache
Lay around in cigarettes and oversized shirts

Polina probably can’t cook
Not sure this is her home
Perhaps a kitty dance down the streets
Find some cobblestone under my heels
Nothing but a long tee shirt
Boys pray for the wind to blow

What to do when the time runs out
Free stuff comes and goes perpetual
Take up a camera brush or pencil
Beauty doesn’t stand up

Fuck it

Another cigarette
Another dance
Another fuck
Another chance
Cum filled nights
Smeared lipstick
Pulled hair
Live for now
Forget then
Hate tomorrow

Don’t have time for that
Everyone looks at this
The face
The turn
The legs
Shoulder drop

Flash-pop magnetism
Quick change
Smiles abound
Faux emotion
She and I left early
Fresh polish around a neck of Cristal

Eggs and spinach
Goat cheese and coffee
Love never felt so warm
Hangover haze
Her feet on my ankle
Wish we could run away

Sun pours gold over concrete
Metal chairs with morning wine
Bread basket cloth lined
Unpolished silver
“Will you walk with me?”
Holding hands like no tomorrow


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