Greet you
Care to meet
Eat bits
Plasma bytes
Stagnant waste water contamination
Fuel fire of cost effective divinity
Lipstick on my face
Hungry octopus
Destroy fungus
Rape landmark beheading
Backseat tight for a murder
Burn mirrors with tongue click
Toilet seat dinner plate
Tattoo of your stink on my palm
Drink blood together
Clink glasses to the end of the world
Sex drugs and big cocks on little trolls
Commas are for pussies I pause when I want
Drive through red
Piss yellow
Burn green
Repeated in a familiar position
Fuck it I’m lazy
Drift into white space madness
I’d be gay if men looked like women
All image
All visual
All lust
All hate
I’ve got plenty of bullets
Step toward me
Hold my hand
Give me a kiss
Punch me when I’m in you
Love me when I leave you
Take my soul

It’s worthless


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