full moon

Firefly in my hand tonight
Gleaming sunshine on the other side
Ocean sway heavy burden
Proof found in mother’s puddin’

Careful framework
Scaffold broken with oil paint dreams
Gods finger touched to Adams
Clouds part for life’s broad beams

White paper fancy
Candle lit walk
Dance a jig with ol’ Jim Dandy
Holding hands just to talk

Finger tips drag lines of your palm
Bare feet glide through dewy grass
Discover mystery of the psalms
Lambs blood lets death float past

Lead us not into damnation
Follow you for heart’s salvation
My love for you captured in greenest eyes
Birth to climax caught between thighs

Virginal escapes twinkle soft pain
Forever this love beats hypnotic
Love that lasts through summer’s rain
When soft skin passes the feeling is chronic

Through the eyes I fall
Young and fair beckons my call
Capture this moment in a bottle
Like mother’s breast I pray to coddle

Till my face is wrinkled
My knees give way
Chase this youth
Till my dying day


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