Dissss Crazy
Cat shit lazy

Scrape litter off my napkin
Hungry can’t stand it

Feelin’ frost from your fingers
This morgue so bizzy
Can’t find a good stiff
So many peeps got me dizzy

Tom’s lookin’ through my window
Threw my shoe at’em
Can’t an old bag get dressed in her uniform anymore?
Blue hair Aqua Net
Spray the life out of your air
This might be too much
But I sold my ass to the devil
My soul was lost years ago

Confounded world
Can’t a person get raped anymore?
Naked on the sidewalk
Piss streams from Houston to Prince
Go to Kim’s
Carrot juice looked good
Too bad it tastes like shit
Skirt hiked to my navel
Step over my shins
I’ll wake when I’m ready
Too much to drink…
Ya think?


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