Journey’s end faithful steward
Careful the cliff side
Burlap round my britches
Cast iron through my veins
Table top design
Mixed with bedside mannerisms
Inflict hardship on the privileged
Faithful pardoned by leaders’ guilts

Dew drop distinction
Dawn breathes another
Cotton web tied between corn husks
Praying begs no brother

Fires aside the carcass heap
Smell the dead of the air
My heart races with anticipation
Another kill to visit this glare

I walk into your dressing room
A closet for your open window
No choice whether you invite me
I’ll be inside despite your throws

Love to be
Hate to say
This is me
No other way

Sword in my shadow
Gun in my teeth
Volcano of desire
Take damsels by the anklet

I love to be this way


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