Cuddle up standard phile
pictures on your hard drive
Dastardly devil you
Sweat pits yellow
Hanky got booger crust
Stop yourself before you keep living

Sidewalk cracks left mother a cripple
How calm it was
Breaths between nipple
Couldn’t stand the diaper rash
Don’t blame Jesus
It’s all about the cash

Duck tape and pick up trucks
Think they still get nostalgic about 8mm?
Digital video skinny rape
Warehouse seclusion
Bloody and shitty leads to spermy
Pray to something to stop it

Pour whiskey on my paper cuts
Filing away American dreams
All roads lead to Wilmington, DE
Can I get another credit card please?
Distance flattened and glued together
We all lick the envelope of our death

Destination destiny
Fate causes my faintly abstract recounting
Dreams left hazy like tumbleweeds through dusty aviators
Clint never would let it happen
Six shooter puts holy mercy in your abdomen
“Oh, those were the days-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s !!!”


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