Bastard bastard
Bastard by design
Cut throat disaster
Hell in the brain stem
Function over silver
Gold filtered ambrosia
Reflex curiosity
Sit in the corner young one

Tip tap shoe snap
Ankle tight
Slight of hand
Kiss your mother with her mouth
Bats fight moths in the full moonlight
Temper stature
Ping the piano
Onyx fell from the thirty-third story
Crash to Earth
Take them to your leader
Find him in Rome

Hats hide
Masks divine
It’s me you hate
You I love
If there was this
That was never there
I cater to your language
You run from my stare
Thank me in my nakedness
Pulsating virility
Left bloody from the wrong
Bury my secrets in a shallow grave
Hope they don’t read the tire tracks
Or I might have to answer
Prayers of Lucifer
Light of the world
Kept in the dark
For goodness sake


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