“You heard me!”
Status malfounded
Functionate unheralded
Spaceship repugnant
Door says
“Open says uhhh–Me!”
A place like Sesame Street
Boys Town, Nebraska
See you in hell
Play craps with Jesus
High Five Muhammed
Ya feel me Yah-weh!?!?

Disgarage your rim cycle
20 inch platinum disciple
Judas rang truest
Gospel mixed with dog shit
Fuck your mother for a bag of silver
Virgin Mary got dug out hairy
Morgan grabbed the boy
Turned him into Messiah
Found wings in a garbage can
Flew to Plano, TX

Waco your eggo
“It wasn’t what it seemed!”
Parasite arrival
College rule notebook
Sift through the panty drawer
Hymen split cadence grip
Love the hair
The leggings
Bury you in a bed of dead pigeons
Doves too expensive
Scrape together Andrew Jacksons

“Merry Crack-Mas Everyone!”


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