Hello    ….
Drift to my bedside

Saw you there             In the park
Lost like a    ….

Take your hand and led you
Felt frailty in your heart
Desperate for you
May have been too strong

….   But you let me
Air twisted together in knots before lips as eyes meet and skin swells with perspiration

Fist clenched frustration as your face
Your beauty beguiles my spirit into physical servitude
Can’t function

….     Built a temple to God in your image

Feel your body never     ….

Never made the sky fall like this in my hands like snow falls on the mountain where the goat lives and the trail is marked by donkey hooves and sprinkle of nut shells

Heat endures
evolves in that progressive way that only ….

My God I can’t believe
I can’t stop
Won’t ….
Exploring your hands
On mine
My God I need and now I
Bleed like rivers into lakes
Oceans of lust found tangled in a web of desire multiplied by images of envy why can’t I ….

Thank you for this feeling … Love me taste me push me fight hate me kill me
All worth that first look touch kiss

Smile and I’ll be
Tell me in a whisper
I live for your


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