Wires in my hands
Pull my unreality into focus
Show me the way to the sovereign
Take me there to where the dove dies
I’ve got wooden limbs soaked in alcohol
Concrete gives me life
Hollowed halls of the paper chase
Constant over bearing dilemma of fate
Found Jesus in the sunshine
Found the Devil in my pocket
Just words and ideas of fanciful control
My mind aches with atmosphere
Smogged feeling of loneliness and rapture
Blue eyed princess came to me in the night
On the computer screen she tempts my being
Her limbs slender
Lips tender
Came on the day discount return to sender
This sheet of my existent lay blank
Pen out of ink
My tongue recoiled
Speak not for what it can do for you
Your country will lessen the load when the time comes
Intervals of controlled poison
Time release viral infection finds your sons and daughters
Webcam tizzy kiss lips six packs and sex truth and HD
Won’t send the waves through wire like TV
Companies wouldn’t want that
Corporatocracy upholds the meaning of Christmas
Santa flies under the radar
Forced consumerism the American way
Type type click click
Naked women and video games
Bite my fist with impatience
I need something I see
I’ve seen everything the world can offer
Masturbate before bed
Tissues in my pillow
Suck my thumb womblike
Cut this cord
Release me please
If only I could end this injunction
Take you with me to the side of the mountain
Overlook the valley
Spread for all of us to live
Don’t need your laws
Your time
Your hate greed control hypocrisy

All I need is sun on my face and love in my heart


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