Fall so far so fast I can’t see
Clouds sparse and distant as light will surely be
How many thousands and millions of years
Red giant will the sun become
Mammoth old star with all the memory from our eyes
Ashes abound the last creatures of Earth
Same as the first ones breathe those final winds
Desperate ears for one more call
Communal helping of last supper handshake
Apologetic to enemies
Dreams that once were
Oceans of fire
Sulfurous skies
Trees as torches
Tides lost to time
Not even the Moon can save us
Good bye


3 thoughts on “craters

      1. bwcarey

        sometimes we over dose inside, and that cuts to our thoughts, the best dreams are the ones that get through, being hopeful makes those around us happier, life is a gift not an entitlement, bless you

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