Drift this
Passion compounds
Seen life by the handful
Death by the barrel


Product of this way
Loss of the word
Perversion of humanity
Shed this insanity

Material beings hypnotized by wealth
Property divides
Breeds disdain

See yourself in each other
Feel the universe in another’s hand
Be there for them
Accept them for you


Burn the lies
Reap the truth
God inside you
Fire of life

Peace can be with you
One connection
One breath
One love

9 thoughts on “centerLOVEpeaceHUMAN

  1. nofrillswrapping

    “See yourself in each other…”

    Is that the reason to love, or hate, another? We see our own traits in them?

      1. nofrillswrapping

        The line made me think that what we love or hate in another is what love or hate in ourselves, but, if we see that it’s the beginning of understanding and once we have understanding of another, it becomes harder to hate and maybe a little easier to love.

      2. n8lewinski Post author

        I think if we aren’t trying to understand and love one another than our lives lose meaning and the world becomes a darker place… I think, and I actually just spoke with a friend about this today, that I myself am scared of doing what is most natural, to help others, to put myself out there… I hate to place blame, but I am conditioned to be like this… I’m just afraid to let this world I know go; this reality where we live for ourselves and have an over bearing desire for the material… Always looking out for more, instead of seeing what is inside and how helping other people, knowing them and not judging, is where the world needs to be going forward… I don’t know… it’s a big talk, but I guess my poems are the projection of that struggle I have… stuck between Fear and Desire (the title of Kubrick’s first film ironically)

  2. n8lewinski Post author

    That is certainly possible… but the sooner you/me/we/everyone understands that the person in the car next to you is a part of you and we are all one, that is when the love should rise and the hate should fall… I am flawed in that, for many reasons that we all are guilty of, I can dislike or hate someone just with a look, a glance… just a moment. That is not a good thing, and if we are to rise above the world we currently live in…. well, divisions need to be eradicated

    1. nofrillswrapping

      I don’t think looking out for yourself or wanting material things is always bad because if we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of anyone else?

      That’s interesting what you wrote about disliking someone at a glance. There was a place I worked at once where one of the women took an immediate dislike to me. I’d never met her before. When a common friend asked her why she disliked me, she said she didn’t know, she just did. It bothered me. Later on I read that sometimes one of our physical characteristics can be associated with someone else at a subconscious level which results in the same feeling towards the unknown person, in other words, a form of projection.

      We are judgmental creatures and the unfortunate thing about that is that many times we are wrong in our judgments. We do need to learn about one another to foster understanding to move ahead in our progress as a species, otherwise I’m afraid we’re doomed.

      1. n8lewinski Post author

        You’re about the end there… and it is a struggle… but I guess it is the focus on the material… the almost uncontrollable need to consume that is touted as “natural” that is disturbing to me… not to mention the idea of ownership and selfishness… well… it is a problem and these things all intertwine

      2. nofrillswrapping

        There again, consumerism wouldn’t be so bad if it stayed closer to what we need to survive, but it has been used as a social prod by the world’s rulers to treat the rest of us as cattle for their profit.

      3. nofrillswrapping

        There again, consumerism wouldn’t be so bad if it stayed closer to what we need to survive, but it has been used as a social prod by the world’s rulers to treat the rest of us as cattle for their profit.

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