Spray bottle fascination
Sandy dust up
String tied nylon blend
Pearled whites
Patent skin
Thin arms bent supreme
Golden rule
God’s equation
Fairly scared
Beauty too bright

Sounds of the ugly
Lonely in the night
Tortured existence
Image favored plight
Constant rebellion
Dead birds in flight
Silent in the morning
Cold winds winter white

Knock on the door
Sound the bell
This be the hour
Witch casts the spell
Don’t leave me wanting
Drag me to hell
Please please just hurt me
Hurt me so well

Dead on your door step
Paper bag tied tight
Simple revolution
Ben Franklin’s electric kite
Fancy tales
Sit at the desk
Listen to the bullshit
No time to ask
Behave be quiet
Pledge to the rag allegiance
Sewn by fiction
Flown by  obedience
For the liberty of the founders
Justice in question
All left clueless
This land no one’s
If owned by the few


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