Hieroglyphic  confusion
Babel style implosion
Field grain exposition
Crescent infertile
Carbon Dioxide settlement
Deposits fire ingrained despot
Courage on the backs of imperial soldiers
Parris Island knows what makes the grass grow
Your mother had children who lived
Fearful of separation
Father felt hand of the devil
Word breathed fire into our hearts
Transferred sight to thought to knowledge
Cave walls to 4K screens
Rousseau says compassion unnatural
Ignorant fools pass awards with handshake initiation
Education reeks of foul intent
Skip to the next before knowing the last
Questions on tests more important than learning
Feast of genius discount tickets
Grow up poor find yourself lost
Opportunity knocks for those with doors
Three knocks on the rectangle room
Hammers on stone ring out for Solomon
Temple walks in billions
Monetary value of life
Lost in the cosmos
Sacred to all

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