Who’s looking out for the street lights
Who can tell me where to go
How do we know the direction
Fear finds me chained to the floor

If hate makes me feel better
Why do you tell me its wrong
If love makes me hate you
Why do you sing me this song

Don’t stand there looking like you
Don’t tell me I have no reason
It’s me you left there bleeding
It’s me you threw away

Dead and now there’s nothing
Left me lost and wanting
Can’t you come back for something
Don’t you miss this feeling

Scared of darkness all around me
Trapped and blind nothing to see
Sound was gone long ago
Tell me why did you leave

Guilt caught me in the shadows
Tore my heart out from my chest
This can’t be how it ends
This won’t be my last request

Distance grows between two points
Run but it keeps getting farther
Fly and some day I’ll find you
Please don’t hide from me


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