I am a nothing
When you wake up and realize your talentless
Like air never breathed
So am I withering
But to wither is to be something
And here I speak as nothing
Wasted dreams of potential
Thought but never had
Could draw but never trained
Could sing but never tried
Funny but for silence
Write words for no one

If those works were never seen
Blow to the psyche
Lost can’t regain
I know no person to work with
To write with
To sing with
To make pictures for
To be a part of something

I am alone
And I am nothing
You missed me as you walked past
Because you don’t notice a nothing
On your way to do something
Full of passion
Nowhere to bleed
Just me and the stars
This is my place
My place to concede


7 thoughts on “noth—

  1. nofrillswrapping

    Ack! Another one! Do I slap you along side of the head and say, “Snap out of it!”, or do I gather you in my arms and coo comforting words? You can’t be too much of a nothing to give me such pictures!

      1. nofrillswrapping

        I of course, speak only for myself, but I’ve found that there are a few writers\poets on WordPress who are truly gifted. I think you are one of them. Some poetry, most poetry, is an “awww, that’s nice” kind of thing. There’s nothing wrong with that either. Your posts are beyond the superficial. They’re gutsy and open, bleeding and pleading parts of you — of humanity. They have heft and weight, words that won’t easily be blown away. They are a birthing of your emotions to the light and I believe, the writing on your monument. Does that sound too strong? I don’t think so.

      2. n8lewinski Post author

        Well that is great to hear (read). It actually helps when you know people are not only reading, or clicking like out of routine, but engaging in the work and it inspires me to write something better or just put more out there each day. I know nofrilswrapping is going to enjoy this or take something away from this so I better put it all out there… that part makes it all worth it.
        I will say as well, that out of the other writers I have read there have only been a few that I have not just enjoyed, but continue to revisit and you are one of them. This isn’t just a reciprocal back scratch, but I love the 3 line works and the ability to say a lot, or paint a poignant picture with so little.
        I found this writer enchanting as well… although I haven’t read all of his work

  2. nofrillswrapping

    I just finished reading everything on the blackpoemblues site and looked at the drawings as well. There is a lot of pain there, but still a tiny ray of hope, not so much in the writing as in the fact of the writing itself. A person doesn’t write out their pain when they’ve given up. I’ve bookmarked it and will continue to watch it for new posts. Thank you for the heads up.


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