Be my champion
Be the light
Tell me to live
Tuck me in at night
If you could just
Say it was worth it
The loss the pain
Broken free from birth
Lost to another
Can you please listen
Can you please watch
Could you please be that someone
That someone
My heart will touch
If you could
It would mean so much

My mouth won’t move
Hands crippled
If I could stop I would
The muse keeps pushing
Hate this curse
Wish it could end
Please be my champion
My one and only friend


5 thoughts on “pLz

  1. nofrillswrapping

    I don’t know, does everyone get these mental visuals when they read poetry? I read this and I see a little boy in pajamas clutching a fuzzy teddy bear standing in a pool of warm lamp light pleading those words. What heart could resist them?

    1. n8lewinski Post author

      I am not sure. Must be my inner child though… I am having a rough go lately trying to focus my artistic energy. Was almost going to stop writing this, whatever you call it, “stream of consciousness” poetry… I wrote a few songs over the weekend and was thinking about music a lot, but… I don’t know

  2. nofrillswrapping

    I do. When you have something to say, whether writing it, singing it, or drawing it, it will come out. You have a lot of talent and one way or another you will wield it.

    1. n8lewinski Post author

      I’ll post a couple things I wrote over the weekend… took a little more time with them, thinking more musically. One I am not sure if I will though, because I might try and perform it first


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