Sound rumble disinfectant
I can’t stand this place anymore
This sound
This mirror
This whore
Oh you distinct one
Carry me this favor
I distribute pills to little children
Let me out on bad behavior
Different strokes carry paint to labored canvas
I hate God because he put me here
I hate you because you’re with me

Give us this day our daily dead
They were trespassers
And we forgive them not
Discourage disobedience
Sew mouths shut
I’d cut off your limbs but there’s work to be done
Be gone
Or today will be your last

Distant kindling
Snap crackle
Daddy in the sleeping bag
That white ash at the bottom of the fire
Tinted with hot orange
No one can see you now you know
Take a step
Feet into the fire
It won’t hurt if you don’t let it
Have faith my son
Fear will imprison you
Sets you free


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