eyes flutter in ignorance until the light shines over
blind at first the pupils adjust letting the retina assimilate
can’t help but feel as if I’m still learning to crawl
language has not fully interpreted the truth inside my mind
desperate to find what makes me happy
lost sense of that which makes me real

universe descends upon me in a flourish
mother’s arms never felt so right
lending myself to fear I have found myself in the clutches of slavery
my spirit has lost it’s connection with the All around me
leaving me helpless to know if I have a spirit at all
doubt covers me like chains and shackles that get heavier in death

crying for the pain and confusion this world brings
it is no wonder so many find themselves out of comfort with the means in their hand
ready to shed this body for the unknown beyond
or that which they find to be a hope that it will all end as food for the worms of science
but the wrongness in their mind needs to be stopped
only the truth of the heart can help this spiral of insanity

sleep well brothers and sisters
know that it is going to be all right
live well for one another on this plane of being
before we have the chance to find our place back where we belong
this but one step in a long journey
a trek that seems now covered in darkness will soon find its light in your world


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