Speeding past your heart like life on telepathic ignition
towards a space
a dream made real with the blink of eyes on children dying
did you see their pain on their backs
crawling struggling starving to be free of your mighty sword
your whip your chains taking the world for all its worth with the cards stacked in your favor you devilish despot disgusting whore
I hate your guts and if I see you my cheek will be turned but my gun will be loaded
because you don’t deserve to live

when the butterfly’s wings flap and the air shifts and millions die
because of your selfish greed
I can’t live like this when all around me is death
but if all wasn’t then what is when was is something that exists in books
written by men with bears and spectacles crying out “in God We Trust”
but if you don’t know what god is then how can you trust anything at all

I’ve got change in my pocket but no shoes
and I walk down this empty highway as the sun sets
hoping that someone will see my thumb and we can talk
talk into the night on the way to the motel
and man or woman we can lay together and love each other and even for a moment
if we are one and the people in the next room are one
and everyone in the hotel and the town and in the county and in the state and in the country and world filled with ones than there is nothing they can do to stop us …

Sit back and think and meditate
Make your world
Pray you can enjoy it
They don’t deserve to suffer
No one deserves such pain
True as the sun fills the sky on a summer day
It is true that the naked boy crying is your brother
Pick him up
Wrap him in a blanket
And tell him you love him


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