Fainted heart of disrupted start
Anguish stands front and center
Hands shake
Numb from revulsion
Look at me Mommy
I can’t live
Don’t want to breathe
If only I could sing for you
Could you hold me in your arms
Love me like you should

I felt wrong before
Try to be right
Color of evil in a blanket of night
Disguised as a savior you don’t see the Word
In the beginning there was an idea
Came with thought and imagination
Manifested in the language
Passed from you to me

If this is a knife in my hand
Then I am a killer
Take lives for cross country trips
Have milkshakes with blood
Dine on your marrow
Tip the waitress

Can’t stand myself
Need to sit down
Bathe in filth
Live on your garbage

Life a riddle
Polar connection
Felt the change as I type
This feeling is not real
All is mind
And the mind is mine
Fear not your troubled times
Ours is the hour of our own desire


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