I am happy that I was finally able to share this work here, that would have been titled, “Seeing Hitler”. What follows is a lengthy explanation regarding why I chose not to finish this work after a lot of research and a little history lesson as well.

Walter Langer traveled for close to a year interviewing associates if Adolf Hitler’s in 1942-43 as commissioned by William Donovan, director of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS, the precursor to the CIA). The aim of Langer’s paper was to, in layman terms, write a report that psychoanalyzed Hitler and shed some light on how he was able to get the people behind him, why they so blindly did so, and what was his overall psychological make up (as was revealed in the short pages offered in previous posts).
The reason I did not finish it, is because how this came about alluded to more mystery than truth.
The story goes that Langer was approached by Donovan after Langer wrote the Colonel a letter regarding an article he read about psychological warfare… an article that doesn’t say what he says it does. Langer went on to say in the forward to the book “Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler” that after hernia surgery he was just so furious that he wrote a letter stating that the military wouldn’t know what to do regarding this.
Surprisingly, and often brushed off as pure coincidence, is the fact that Walter’s more distinguished brother William was already (or congruently became) a known agent or commodity of the newly formed  OSS (William being a history professor at Harvard, the brothers’ Alma Mater). This opens up a lot of questions, regarding the chain of events that led to the brothers Langer being under the employ of the OSS by a man in “Wild Bill” Donovan who was known to be one of the most intelligent, secretive, and well connected men in all of the U.S. military.
Donovan was a known Freemason, World War I hero and was from my area of Buffalo, NY and even led a regiment of cavalry into my hometown of Depew, NY when martial law was declared there in 1914 (yes, that certainly happened).
Nonetheless, Donovan’s Masonic connections stretched very far, and because the intelligence community is so well entwined with that of the world of secret societies, lodges and the occult, which, whether you like it or not, is what guides much of society now and did then, Col. Donovan was sent across the pond to Europe to flex his intelligence muscles and rub elbows with many important people with similar connections.
Those trips put him in Germany and Austria during the 1920s and Hitler’s rise. They also illuminate connections to Rudolph Steiner, who has connections to Dietrich Eckhart who was the mentor of one Adolf Hitler. On a side note, it has been written that Donovan was also a member or associate of the O.T.O. the group led and conjured by one Aleister Crowley, also a figure known and utilized in British intelligence and who has some connection to the Russian Revoltution… but that is something else entirely.

Meanwhile, pre 1940, Langer had been in Austria living in the house of the Freuds, Sigmund that is, and grew fond of his daughter Anna, although not in a romantic sense. Walter spoke German and was a student of the the Freuds. Now, what is interesting is that he just sort of went there on a whim and was there, as you read in the first pages of this abbreviated text, for the Anschluss which is when the German army invaded or, shall I say, strolled back to Austria and reclaimed its land to be one with mother Germany; or so it went. The point is though, that Langer’s work there was almost more of what a spy might do. Entrench himself in a place, Vienna, close to Germany so to get information and do so in the presence of a man, Freud, who was an intellectual treasure (or at least celebrity) worth keeping tabs on. Sure, Langer helped get some people out of Austria, including finally the Freuds before leaving himself, but nonetheless, his being there is all rather odd. Even more so when juxtaposed with his work the OSS thereafter.
Finally, William Donovan’s friend and cohort, Allen Dulles, was very “present” during the war as being stationed in Switzerland and for some time had a very close relationship with none other than Carl Jung, who, other than Freud, was the foremost authority on psychoanalysis (and the more I research the more I discover that Jung was in many ways his superior and also had a penchant for the esoteric and mental alchemy which is closely aligned with the occult and intelligence and, well… you get the idea). So with that, and the fact that Donovan had more than likely already met Hitler, and more than likely that Donovan was well aware of Dulles’ banking work in the 20s that spearheaded the funding of the German war machine and that they more than likely both new Carl Jung, who as I said was the authority of psychoanalysis would have given them a much greater insight into the question that was ultimately why Donovan wanted Langer to write the report, why Hitler does what he does and why the people follow him. However, here is the big hang up and the reason why I think this occurred the way it did.
Hitler, when he became Chancellor, began publicly condemning and legally banning the meetings or gatherings of any groups or “secret societies” which included a particular condemnation of Free Masonry (even though one of his biggest backers Henry Ford whom Hitler bestowed some Grand Cross to in some ceremony was a Freemason, as was Dulles who worked for a bank that supported henry Ford and his activities, and of course as we said Donovan). This is interesting because to me, it sounds as almost Hitler and in relation Donovan, were trying to blur or completely erase the connection between Hitler and the National Socialists and the U.S. intelligence community, most especially the fact that those that mentored, taught and supported Hitler throughout the 1920s all had very close ties with the same occult teachings and their leaders and thinkers that Donovan, Dulles and the rest of them had (Not to mention FDR and Churchill and Stalin all being Freemasons).

In Langer’s book (which is basically the whole report reprinted, and I know that because I also acquired the originals with all the notes and transcripts of his interviews) he mentions NOTHING of that… no interest in the occult, no magick, no nothing… Even though, if you read Mein Kampf and then look into Eckhart and his other mentors and their background and then start to research the occult and esoteric teachings… well, the whole reason that Hitler was able to do what he did was because of these practices with Donovan and Dulles… and pretty much anyone else that matters knew about… except… those that weren’t which would make up a pretty good amount of the government officials who were the audience for his paper…

OK… those are my thoughts on that… if you made this far, send me a message and if you give me your address I will mail you prize. Maybe a cookie.




  1. nofrillswrapping

    Cookies, my weakness!

    Okay, if you are done posting on this, I’m going to go back a read them as a unit and get back to you. In the meantime, start wrapping my cookie.

  2. nofrillswrapping

    Okay, let me emphasize that this is my opinion. I’m not an editor. My only claim would be that I’m a voracious reader. Have patience with me as I tend to grind the pencil to a nub before making the point. (That stems from people asking me why I said/wrote/thought something. Now I tend to over explain so bear with me and eventually I’ll get there.)

    I understand what you are doing with the formatting, the different fonts and styles. It’s clever, but it does break the flow which is good when you want to stress something, but not so good when it’s done too often. For instance, you have block paragraphs, but then you also have indentation. I don’t think the indentation is necessary. If I were writing this, I would only use the italics for thoughts to set them apart that way. The three-way thoughts might have been easier to grasp if there was some kind of explanation the first time it was used. The increasing font size on the crowds words is good (and again clever), but I would make sure that each time it’s used, it all fits on one line. That might mean instead of repeating the phrase/chant five times, you might have to go three or four which would still make the visual point, but allow consistency each time you use it despite the phrase/chant length. Be careful of using all caps or bold fonts. Too much is distracting from the words. Did you ever see something posted online where the person who wrote it used a ton of emotion icons? That usually happens with kids or someone who has just discovered them. One or two might be cute, but more of them becomes a distraction. So it is with too much busyness with fonts and styles. Three at most is a good number. It keeps the page looking clean instead of cluttered.

    I’m sorry to read you gave up on this as it is intriguing and I would have liked to see where it ended. What you wrote seems to indicate that you feel Hitler did not rise to power solely on his own charisma, but that he had powerful forces backing him, possibly putting him into position, or am I wrong on reading it that way? In a way it would be surprising, but in another way not as there have been writings done on many people in power being put there, and kept there, and sometimes removed, by secret manipulations. Please don’t toss out what you have done so far. Who knows, maybe one day you will decide to pick it up again.

    1. n8lewinski Post author

      This is great. Thanks for taking the time to not only read, but to give some intelligent feedback.
      Now I think all your points are valid, mainly because the writing of that story never was developed properly. To “defend” myself in brief, I will say that at least with the opening, I wanted to give the reader the feeling of being at that rally, the so many thousands of people… the craziness… but as far as the rest… sure I may have been getting too cute… takes a reader to give some feedback so you can rethink some things.
      No one has ever read this… even though I researched it so hard for a good while and tried to push it on people.

      I won’t revisit it mostly because I didn’t confirm the truth within this story. What I mean by that is, Walter’s story was not factual enough for me to write a book and give it to people and say here, this is the truth I uncovered, or at least, this is an honest portrayal of what this guy did to put this paper together. Furthermore, ten years Hitler is in power and no one thought to get a better idea of what made this guy tick… Puuhhhhh-lease… Not only did people “prop him up” into power, but he was the perfect scapegoat because he had no other important affiliations… when it goes south which they knew it would, then they could send him to South America, fake his death and then reap all the rewards (spoils) of war that they planned on during what basically amounted to a bookended war from 1914-1945… I’m not gonna get too far into it… but I chose to post this because some of my research was done through this
      BPSI library in Boston, this Dr. Gifford did these interviews to learn more about Langer’s work with adolescents and his time in Austria, so I had a lot of first person information and an interview with his nephew, who stayed with Walter and his wife at the time had this to say, as he was anbout 18 or 19 at the time… that although his work dealt with young men, his uncle didn’t seem to understand or relate to anything he was going through when he tried to talk with him, and that his aunt uncle’s marriage also seemed very odd.
      Point is, I was going to get in contact with the doctor who interviewed him because the women who worked at the library said I could contact him and I said I might… but now that I want to… he died in December… I could try his nephew who is probably about, well almost 90 so probably also dead

      Anyway, I guess we suffer from a similar disease… “long wind”… I have some other things going and some I might also put on here that are unfinished and maybe some short stories and maybe some screenplays… one thing is, I just don’t know what to do with my writing… I am getting pretty depressed about it actually, or at least crazed… I don’t know.
      If you know Alan Turing, I did a ton of research on him, was writing a screenplay and then read that some guy sold a screenplay about him for a million dollars and went nuts… and never went back… Did a ton of research on General Sherman and his life during the civil war, tried a screenplay buit realized no one would make it if I wrote it, and then I tried something similar in style to this, but gave up because, basically… I don’t have anyone to show it to, or… I don’t know maybe those are excuses, but it is hard writing for absolutely no one and that is why I like the poetry. Short enough for people to read in a glance, like it or not, and at least I get some good feelings.

      I have finished some things though, many screenplays mostly, one based on a true story of shipwreck. Have a literary agent, but after I wrote three screenplays in a row last year… I just got a little fed up with the “nothing” that came of it… even though I think there was something solid there…

      OK, I am done and I apologize for this rant

      Thanks again for taking a look at it.

    2. n8lewinski Post author

      In short… I am confused and scatter brained at the moment with the writing… trying to find some focus. Saw this Van Gogh exhibit in Ottawa 2012 that made me think the poetry is what I should be doing… maybe long form like this… but who knows. Acted in a play this year, want to sing… feel like a idiot some times. Whatever, you are a shrink right? haha

  3. nofrillswrapping

    You most definitely gave the feeling of the rally in your opening. After I read through it the second time nonstop, I was looking at it in the way that I would if I were a publisher. I know that reading books has declined in popularity and that people want instant gratification. Put together that means you have to hook the reader right from the start. If you are a known writer with a following in writing books, your readers probably would take the time to get into your book knowing that you deliver. When you are an unknown, they might pick your book up, look at the first paragraph and if it doesn’t catch them right off they mentally shrug, close it and put it back on the shelf.

    I’m glad you didn’t get offended by my comments. After reading your work, I figured you’d rather have it straight. Always remember thought that it is just my opinion.

    I like your poetry. It’s strong and raw. It bites.

    Acting and singing? A man for all seasons, hey? And no, I’m not a shrink although I wish I were. It’s good money.

    Pardon the lack of segue-way here, but I just thought of something in keeping with your discussion on writing screenplays. I read an article a few days ago on why a lot of movies are crap anymore. The author of the article said that movie companies (and I’m paraphrasing here) are into grinding out formulaic movies and their sequels rather than hiring writers and directors with vision. Panoramic pablum for the public. From all that I’ve ever read about writing screenplays, it’s harder to break into than writing books. I suppose it can be done, but I wouldn’t quit my day job. Not to discourage you, but it’s hard.

    Whatever you post, I’ll definitely read whatever you post cause I like your style kid.

    1. n8lewinski Post author

      You are right about the screenwriting… got very disenchanted, especially I spent some great time developing a story that I started to think about ten years ago about what would happen if a young couple about to go cross country ended up getting shot back into time… It ended up being an adaptation of Oedipus in a lot of ways with some Wizard of oz sprinkled in and yet… nothing, my agent didn’t give me any notes and that was that… I have been at the screenwriting for a long time now… although after writing so much about 18 months ago, I was like Fuck it.. i dont live in LA, I don’t know anyone… I live and write in a vacuum… so, whatever.. it sucks.

      But all right, I’ll keep posting…

  4. nofrillswrapping

    Just a thought here.

    A lot of your work on this blog is that rapid fire Ginsu knife Puffer fish kind of reading. It slices and dices the mind with such a sharpness that you don’t even realize you’re cut right away, but you develop a craving for it nonetheless. Combine that with the short attention span of today’s audiences and maybe you could come up with sushi palatable to the prime time crowd. You get what — twenty minutes more or less — for a half hour time slot. It’s fast paced, in your face, relevant to now writing. You could do it.


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