NOTE: This is the prologue to an unfinished work about Gen. William Sherman and his time in the Civil War… There is more to say on it, but this excerpt is from a famous speech of his known as the “War Is Hell” speech.. when I dug into deep research on the General I found a most interesting person whose personal struggle with the times, and with the horrors of war forged a new way to use the power of hell to win in battle… even if it was the prelude to even greater horrors in the century to come.



8 thoughts on “SHERMAN’S HELL (Prologue)

  1. nofrillswrapping

    I would not change a word.

    Each line is like a row of soldiers giving their all for their General.
    There is cadence.
    There is a miasma of grayness shot through with golden bolts of hope, belief, determination.
    There is innocence offered up on the sacrificial altar of War.

    It is an oil painting of words framed many, many times in human history.

    Need I tell you that I would like to see more of this?

    1. n8lewinski Post author

      All right… it’s up there. I stopped because I was unsure of myself, whether this style is something a reader would gravitate to or enjoy… anyway, a click glance shows I misspelled disciple.. oh well… I hope I can be forgiven for such a misstep

      1. n8lewinski Post author

        couple more that I reread that Act I… but I don’t know, it hasn’t been too long to dive back in… I have to find what to complete in the near future if not something else

  2. nofrillswrapping

    When I read your reply, this is what I seen in my mind. You, creating a gem of brilliance and fire, but after it’s created, you set it aside. I then see you taking the a different course, picking the gem back up and creating a stunning piece of jewelry with it. Both are wonderful in their own right (write? sorry, couldn’t resist) and I believe you have the gift, the ability, to do both.

    Least you think I don’t understand, let me tell you that I like to draw. Right now I’m doing more on an application called “Artweaver” than I ever have before. I’m learning it which isn’t that easy because I have to mouse right handed when I’m a leftie so there are times I start something and then leave it. Gradually though I’m learning to go back and finish them, create new looks with what I’ve already made and add to them too. It’s not always fun, it’s not always successful, but when it works, I’m glad I made the effort.

    1. n8lewinski Post author

      You are right on… I will say that with you reading and encouraging lately… even if you are just a brown piece of paper :)… it has really motivated me to finish either the Sherman or something else…
      One of my writing struggles lately, or at least over the past year, is to write “my story” or the story of my family where, as it was and I understand everyone has a story, is the story of my going to film school in NYC and my father killing himself 8 months later.
      I guess the problem has always been whether someone wants to read some of this stuff, and of course “how” to tell it.
      Well, I am glad to read that the “Sherman’s Hell” style was pleasing. Hopefully I can focus my work…


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