On this rope
Hands slipping

Wind too strong
Too cold
Too hard
Darkness all around

I don’t know what is beneath my feet
Could be heaven or hell
But I’m scared to let go
Even more afraid to hold on

If someone would just tell me
Tell me what I can
I would do what you said
If it was the best that I can be

Good bye
Will it all be a dream
Or will I wake up to see
That what I find
Is I
Full and


One thought on “leT

  1. nofrillswrapping

    It must have something to do with the weather. It seems like people are flying low to the ground today if at all. Maybe the hippies had it partly right. Maybe we should have a signal we can send up in the sky like Batman only it’s a peace sign when we need lovin’. Then a bunch of people would come to the person who sent the sign up and just love ’em up until they felt better. Group hug kind of thing.


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