Retro absorption
Puppet at the podium
Shadows drift between our ears
They say he’s red
But we know he’s clear
Distant parade
Boots step the mantra
Complexity compounds complicit behavior
Battlefield bunker basement
Nuclear explosion on the television
Ask not what these boxes will tell you
Read between the lines of resolution

High Definition 4K war machine
Cellphones message cancer to your mother’s womb
Babies born chipped
Pick blue eyes blonde hair rejoice
Plastic surgery for pre-school
Toddler has a perfect thigh gap
God Bless America
Red carpet back scratch Senate clap
No taxation without corporate approval
Homeless man with a Swiss bank account

Off shore off the grid off load and off put
Often smell roses on my night stand
Manhattan taxi stain
Thumbs up leather glove Mr. Porter
Tell me how to think from the G between compass and square
Teach me how to feel
Fall in line for the funeral march
Shake off the dead weight of the world
Start from the ground up
Get off seeing children with flies on their faces
Poverty grows on the run-off from mansion sewage
Tragedy asks for the laborers to donate at checkout

“That is a beautiful car.”
“It certainly is sir.”
“Does it come in 24 karat gold?”
“Yes sir, whatever you’d like.”
“Diamond encrusted rims and trim?”
“If that is what you’d like.”
“Well, I would like that.”
“Very good sir, I will have it ordered for you.”
“One more thing.”
“Yes, sir?”
“Shit yourself.”
“As you wish.”

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