NOTE: It looks like I was mistaken in thinking that I uploaded the entirety of the incomplete long-form poem “Seeing Hitler”. I do apologize because this more up to date version more than likely had some revisions and proofreads from the sections that were previously sent, but I did not peruse the other versions because… well, why feel bad for what was done… anyway, here is the remainder of the incomplete “Seeing Hitler” (This does start right where the last post left off, and unfortunately, mid-sentence…)hit20 hit21 hit22 hit23 hit24 hit25 hit26 hit27


5 thoughts on “SEEING HITLER (Part 7)

  1. nofrillswrapping

    I read yet again the entries on Hitler and it really is engaging. I hope one day you decide to finish it.

    1. n8lewinski Post author

      We’ll see… If I did, I would turn it into Langer coming to the realization that he is being used as a pawn in a grander psychological warfare scheme…
      Some format problems (not sure if it was just the transfer or what) but I thought this section had less of the “playful” formatting…
      The larger italicized quotes on the right are Hitler’s words from Mein Kampf for from what I studied, Langer was reading the book and studying almost simultaneously as he travelled the US and Canada for his interviews

      1. nofrillswrapping

        You can always stick in footnotes or explanations at the beginning or end.

        It’s good. I can visualize it in hardcover!

      2. n8lewinski Post author

        Right… I have part of an afterword typed up… I did even design a book cover but… whatever. I am planning my next project, want to make sure it is the right one. We’ll see… and thanks as always

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