Stand front
Lectern dismantle
Science definers
Scripture subscribers
Extremists of silly
As if truth found a place on the headlines
Pour water on your child’s painting
Smear it with a mop
Shackles grow heavy

How ignorant
Geocentric profanity
As if human definitions created the universe
As if the gift of consciousness was granted to ourselves
Material world the lowest form
Yet held in the highest esteem
Dogs and ponies fornicate for all to see
Bring out the children’s show host
Followed by fanatical small mindedness
Clinging to mother’s teet
Needing father’s soft approving pat

Fuck yourself
…Thank you
[Can someone bring me a glass of water and let’s try that one again]


One thought on “ignorANTS

  1. nofrillswrapping

    Ah, there it is in all its glorious perfection – a beautiful steak with a peak at the maggots underneath.


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