Air wind came from them and yet I stand here in awe as the trees sway and my lungs fill
Skin warm under the distant sun
Sun so close I feel it inside
Fire from within
Fire abound
Bountiful starshine super human mind warp
Harvest the Earth and thankful
Climb mountains with the faithful
Anything possible inside this Son of God
Cross necessary for material expulsion
Temple of Man… stop selling your trinkets here
How can one understand that which has been covered up and lied about
How can a child know the truth
Why must I cry myself to sleep

I walked the steps concrete
Moon lingered oddly in the morning
Blue sky ashen clouds
Baby boy felt the chill of the water
Confessed his sins among the stained glass
Devoured the body
Shunned the dogma
Eulogized his father
Shook the hands of the weary
If all wasn’t none of this would be

Or so he tells himself
The I and the Me find peace in rationalization


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