hands crumbling to stone gravel inverted discussions
slow down to meditative loneliness near catastrophic oblivion
careful dance with phone number glance
wet sidewalks felt heel clap while eyes stare at pantyhose splash

red hair awash of freckled eyes
caress kittens ingredients of kitty-cat pie
yahoo serious made me smile bubbles into beer
young boy ignorant sponge could’ve been queer

stand to the toilet with shriveled baby bird
piss starts sideways dear god will the furnace guy come
my hands hurt to type but i figured i might
loser on all counts inside, but outside i do ok

pray for the jesus inside of you too bad you don’t know what christ is
as if turning an idea into a man wields some ungodly power
perhaps it does with all the faithful sheep climbing snow banks on a cold sunday morning
perhaps i’ll load this gun now and have some front page cable news fun

maybe no
just don’t understand sometimes
too many people condensed multiplication variable excitement
render video tasteless to numb tongue cocaine dribble

fascinated by naked bodies
lost in internet comment dreamworld
why am i so shallow but imagine  myself so deep
why do i keep typing when i should probably get some work done

oh of course
i don’t want to
funny thing to want
never more


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