Skinny French girl found her way
Lens cap digital fascination cost dismay
Ribs and bulbous knees
Wants to share only to receive
Begs with pink desire your accepting glare
Snarl long fingers through that long red hair
Cuts her skin with cold desire
Fear of love gleans parents’ ire
Nails scratch at faded wounds
Heart carefully broken by adolescent swoons
Admirers of a distant body crossed over oceans
Blood drops to the ground as the Earth goes through its motions

Oh young skinny French girl
If I could speak your watercolor language
We taste your anguish
Oh skinny French girl
Could I find time to manage
Strength of will dashed by an image
Scared of the mirror
Yet we’ve all seen it clearer
Lust turned to love by the keyboard tick
If you were a lollipop we’d all take a lick

And so it goes for the young skinny French girl
No one really cares what she says or does
But that she is sexy in her undergarments
And thin like a magazine
Pale skin like a lifeless doll
They just want a part of her all


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