Beige skin fancy boy
Leather case trance ploy
Heard footsteps in the crowd
Smelled rose tips from a frown
Sexy bait cast in the waters of desire
Living life like standing next to a fire
Crumble stones of Roman upheaval
Cast away the world from the crown of the medieval
Dungeons ring out with the passionate screams of torture
Pulsating through me like a full body erection
Let me kill tonight to live free tomorrow
Drink your blood to see the light of God in the mirror
Speak low and the Universe will forgive
Lose your sight to the next generation
Hide your breath in the cave of your heart
Dreams tell you the truth in vision code
Take the key in your hand and remember its weight
Find wings and soar to heaven’s gate
Stars as living beings a conscious all their own
Perhaps we point telescopes in the wrong direction
Sun has a say in its creation before it dies
Cycles of life enveloped in All in all and all in All
Don’t get lost caught behind your wall


4 thoughts on “jungenN

  1. nofrillswrapping

    Every line…so good.

    You know I’m not being facetious, but really, you could submit many of those lines for use in fortune cookies.

      1. nofrillswrapping

        I remember reading awhile back about being paid for fortune cookie quotes and I thought I’d bookmarked it, but I just looked and I can’t find it. But I did look up this site:


        It can’t hurt to send them an inquiring email about it. And how cool would that look on a resume? “I write fortune cookies for the biggest producer of Chinese food in the world.”

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