Damn this dance
High water trance
Levee station romance
Live like God in these pants

Blood gives me the reason
Can’t help these thoughts of treason
Plastic bags we put the leaves in
Clouds he blew the breeze in

Did you ever find your self rolling yourself to sleep
Tension in your belly for promises you can’t keep
From your and to your mind the demon did creep
If the sun shines again tomorrow what might you reap?

Crosses for us all to bear
The child died unaware
Wishes was ashore nowhere
Pity there’s none to care

Height of the mast
Spell to be cast
This life won’t be your last
Live it like your there is no past

Constant rhyming makes one long for school
Who’s wearing what and why are they so cool
Following girls that make you drool
Teenage boy just a fool

Type these words this afternoon
Wasting away like some buffoon
Danny Lamb played the bassoon
If I quit now it won’t be too soon


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