One story to tell
Spell hell with one el
Cast iron pots clang disruptive cognition
Foot on the gas key in the on position
Igniting spark plug combustion
Flames from the dragster fat belly hotdog cheers
Sunglasses like dad wore
Fail to hear the crowd roar
Cockpit sweat drip
Bag for the piss on the hip
Castrol or something like that
Lay down stoned and pet the cat
Perrrrfect day sounds of the wind in summer
Can’t remember what the sun feels like
Dragged down in winter’s harshness
Are we all waiting for tragedy in the news?
If you never heard of that boy who died did he ever exist?
Or does a part of you die with him?
If a million die and a million are born is that balance in the universe?
And to think, you smoked a pipe and were just petting that cat all the while
Nice kitty


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