Crown me King Satan
Master of hieroglyphics
Pyramid atheism
Architecture of Sex Magick
Distant forgiveness
River migrant
Pierced slave
Uncanny reviser
Carcass ridden
Field mouse
Dragon sin
Sands of mystery
Lust for sight
Take my hand
In the brightness of Night


2 thoughts on “THRill

    1. n8lewinski Post author

      well… the “me” isn’t me, but other than that… not sure if this just has to do with outside paranoia of what the occult movement was in the early 20th, or just a kind of first person Crowley poem… he was in my mind but I wasn’t trying to be that literal… if it was me as the “me” Satan is more of just an idea… the idea of the Satanic… things that people are afraid of or weary of or that they just can’t deal with… not sure precisely


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